Answering Common Questions About Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Pre-kindergarten programs are offered to children in the year before they enter kindergarten. Children will be around four years old, which is when they are beginning to develop a better understanding ...
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Getting Kids Ready for Summer Day Camp: Tips for Parents

School will be out soon, and summer camp will begin shortly after. This can be an exciting time for your child, because he can stay busy during the summer and engage in fun summer camp activities like ...
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Cognitive Development: Age 3

It is a fun and interesting time when children pass their toddler years and turn three years old. At this age, children are learning more about the world around them, and their preschool activities ...
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Teaching Social Awareness and Acceptance in First Grade

Will your child be starting first grade in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then both of you are probably excited about this next step, and you may realize that now is a time of rapid development for your ...
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Packing Tips for Summer Day Camp

Summer camp offers kids a great way to enjoy the season while staying active, engaged, and surrounded by friends. Is your child enrolled in summer day camp in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then watch this ...
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The Importance of Communication-Rich Environments

Are you searching for the right preschool in Pembroke Pines and wondering what to look for in a quality program? If so, then you could benefit from learning about the importance of communication-rich ...
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Choosing Educational Toys for Pre-K Kids

Toys can be a fun distraction for children, but they can also be educational and support their development. Is your child currently in pre-kindergarten in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then she is probably ...
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How Your Preschooler Benefits from Nap Time

How much sleep a child needs and how it’s divided between daytime naps and rest at night depends on the child’s developmental stage. If your kid is of preschool age, then you may realize ...
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Telling Time: Simple Ways to Reinforce Lessons at Home

Telling time is an important skill, but it is becoming increasingly challenging for children, who often have few opportunities outside of their early education center to practice. If your child is in ...
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Essential Tips for Library Visits with Toddlers

Going to the library is a great way to get your toddler excited about reading and to support the activities he or she is doing at his or her early childhood education center in Pembroke Pines. Library ...
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Raising Empathetic Children

In addition to the academic aspects, one of the biggest benefits of early childhood education is that it gives your child the opportunity to learn and practice social skills. When your toddler is in ...
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How Much Sleep Do Young Learners Need?

When your child starts early childhood education, you may wonder how the extra demands on his or her day will impact his or her sleep schedule. It’s important for young learners to get the right ...
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The Importance of Hands-On Puzzles for Your Child's Development

Few things are as important in early education and child development as hands-on activities. Puzzles are often used in early education classrooms as a tool to help children learn. You can bolster your ...
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Easy Tips for Improving Attention Spans in Pre-K Students

Attention is a challenging issue for parents and teachers of pre-K students alike. In the pre-K classroom, working on attention spans is part of the learning process, as students become more adept at ...
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Try This Nature Craft with Your Young Learner

Arts activities are a terrific way to help preschool-age kids work on fine motor skills. In this video, you’ll learn an activity that is great for early childhood development and can be done at ...
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Does Your Child Get Too Much Screen Time?

One issue that today’s parents have to face much more than in the past is the question of screen time. Experts believe that spending too much time in front of a screen can damage early childhood ...
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What Students Learn in First Grade

First graders learn by leaps and bounds. In first grade in Pembroke Pines, children develop a solid academic foundation in subjects like American history, geography, mathematics, and language arts. ...
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Why Should Your Child Go to Preschool?

It can be difficult for parents to be parted from their young children for part of the day, but preschool is your child’s path toward kindergarten readiness. Most children are ready for ...
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Helping Your Young Student with Reading

A child’s reading skills are one of the most influential predictors of future success. It’s never too soon to begin instilling early literacy skills in your young learner. In fact, simply ...
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Kids and Reading for Pleasure

As your child reaches first grade, he or she will gradually read with greater fluency. During this sensitive age, it’s important that first graders in Pembroke Pines be encouraged to choose ...
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Practicing Math Skills at Home

As your child reaches kindergarten age, his or her math skills become increasingly important. Your child doesn’t stop learning when he or she comes home from the kindergarten school in Pembroke ...
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The Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

When your child is about four years old, it’s time to enroll him or her in a pre-kindergarten program in Pembroke Pines. Pre-kindergarten introduces children to structured learning activities ...
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Encouraging Kids to Read

Long before your child is ready for preschool or kindergarten in Pembroke Pines, you can instill a lifelong love of reading in him or her. Reading is a cornerstone of early childhood education, even ...
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Selecting a Kindergarten for Your Child

As more choices become available, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to settle on a school for their children. Are you searching for the ideal kindergarten in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then ...
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What Is Pre-Kindergarten?

Has your child recently turned 3 or 4? If so, then you may be wondering when she should begin school. If your child is still too young for kindergarten, then you may benefit from enrolling her in ...
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