Help Your Preschooler Build Strong Friendships

Help Your Preschooler Build Strong Friendships

Young toddlers at a daycare near Pembroke Pines are typically content to play by themselves or to play alongside, but not necessarily with, their peers. When kids enter preschool; however, they tend to prefer to play with others. Not every child can easily make friends or join in on group activities. Talk to your child’s teachers at the early learning center to find out about his or her social skills. The early childhood education staff may also have some tips for you on encouraging your child to build strong friendships.

Host Play Dates Frequently

Help Your Preschooler Build Strong Friendships When a child first enters preschool, he or she may need some time to adjust to the new environment and schedule. It can be difficult for young children to form friendships in the midst of so much change. Help your child feel more comfortable around others by providing opportunities for social interaction in familiar places. When you pick your child up from preschool, you might linger for a while and introduce yourself to the other parents. Offer to host play dates at your home for the kids. For socially awkward children, it may be easier to play with just one other child at a time before branching out into larger groups.

Help Your Child Learn to Break the Ice

Preschool students may want to join in on group activities, yet they aren’t quite sure how to do it. Or, they may be worried about being rejected by the group. You can help your child by offering some suggestions on what he or she might say to the group. For example, your child could say, “I like building blocks, too. Can I play?”

Role Play Friendship Scenarios

Young children gradually acquire social skills through their prior experiences. Invite your child to play a game of pretend in which you’re both new students at a preschool. Ask your child to take a turn with his or her toy to help instill the importance of turn taking. You could also ask your child to join in on a building blocks project with you to teach him or her about friendly cooperation.