• The Impact of Pre-Kindergarten on Academic Success

    It has become much more common for children to attend pre-kindergarten in Pembroke Pines, because there are a number of benefits that this type of early education can have. Parents and teachers have been noticing the greater impact that a pre-k education has on children’s overall success in life, as well as their academics.

    Children Are Academically Prepared

    Impact of Pre-Kindergarten on Academic Success It is no secret that educational expectations and standards are growing every year. Children are expected to enter kindergarten with academic skills normally attained once in kindergarten or even first grade. With standards becoming higher, children need to enter academic life with the preparation that usually comes from a pre-kindergarten education. Children attend early educational programs—typically for a few hours a day and a few days a week—where they learn their numbers and letters, as well as a basic understanding of how these concepts become the building blocks of their future education.

    Children Are Mentally Prepared

    Kindergarten classes are typically held for a six to eight-hour period, every day of the week. The work can be mentally taxing, especially to a child who is not accustomed to regular classwork. When children are not exposed to classroom life, in addition to the academic expectations of school, they are less likely to succeed. Without a solid pre-k foundation, children may not be as focused as their peers who did attend pre-kindergarten programs.

    Children Are More Likely to Succeed in School

    Pre-k programs and classes are geared toward making learning fun for young children. These children, typically ages three to five, are filled with energy and cannot sit down and learn for long periods of time. Pre-k teachers must make their lessons fun and entertaining so children are more likely to learn. As they grow up associating learning with fun, they are more likely to do well in school where they can continue learning and having fun. Attendance, behavior, and academic success are much more likely with a pre-kindergarten education.

  • Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Want to Eat

    Finding healthy, yummy snacks for kids to take to kindergarten is important, because snacks will help fuel your child’s learning and offer nutrition throughout the day. Whether you want an easy snack for home, or an on-the-go snack for kindergarten in Pembroke Pines , there are many different snack options.

    As seen in the video, there are a number of tasty snacks suitable for growing children. Veggies and hummus is an easy snack that will hold up in your child’s lunch box during preschool or kindergarten. You can also give them low-fat string cheese and yogurt. These can be good on-the-go snacks, but they may require refrigeration. One of the best protein-filled snacks your child can eat is a hardboiled egg. Lastly, a sweeter, but still healthy snack, would be a waffle with peanut butter, bananas, and honey on top. This will help your kids get their protein and potassium requirements for the day.

  • How Your Kids Can Benefit from Summer Day Camp

    If you have been on the fence about enrolling your kids into a summer camp near Pembroke Pines , then it is time to call your local kids’ camp. Your children will benefit immensely from attending a summer camp, which can provide a safe space for summer fun and learning to ensure a great start in the coming school year.

    Keep Their Minds Stimulated

    Tanglewood Academy Offer Summer Camp for Kids Parents always wonder why their children may not do so well in the first few weeks of school, but their teachers know very well why. Over the summer, children typically stay indoors, playing on their computers or watching television. Their minds are not being stimulated by classwork, science experiments, and lively book discussions. Summer day camps can provide a multitude of stimulating activities for the brain. Arts and crafts, as well as mathematical games and science experiments, can all be found in a summer camp. Your kids can go back to school in the fall with a curious mind that is ready for learning.

    Keep Their Bodies Moving

    Don’t let your children sit in the house all day and night during the summer. Get them outside so they can run around and play games at summer camp. Kids’ bodies are just as important as their minds, and engaging in physical activities at day camp is essential to keeping active. Many camps take field trips to the neighborhood pools, parks, and sports games. Kids can learn how to play new sports and fun activities to sustain a healthier lifestyle for the summer.

    Keep Their Social Skills Active

    With summer camp, your children will be surrounded by their peers throughout the entire program. If the program is held through their school, then they will probably be with their own friends from the previous school year. They can maintain friendships and build new ones through their summer day camp. This social interaction will help them as they go into the next grade and continue to build social skills with their peers.

  • Getting Your Child Ready for Preschool

    Early childhood education in Pembroke Pines is essential to every child’s academic success. Your child will learn how to socialize with his peers and begin the routine of school that will follow him for several years. Enrolling your child in preschool will do wonders, but there are a few ways you can help prepare him, and yourself, for this new adventure.

    Before your child enters preschool, help him improve his fine motor skills. Fine motor skills can be encouraged through hands-on crafts and artistic mediums, such as sculpture and painting. This type of manipulation will help when he begins to learn handwriting.

    Create routines to help your child adjust to his new preschool schedule. You should already have a bedtime and morning routine in place, but consider adding a schedule for home expectations. This could be as simple as setting a specific time for chores, lunch, playtime, and dinner. Schedules will prepare your child for the expectations he will encounter in his new learning center. Child Painting Tanglewood Academy