• Practicing Math Skills at Home

    As your child reaches kindergarten age, his or her math skills become increasingly important . Your child doesn’t stop learning when he or she comes home from the kindergarten school in Pembroke Pines; use everyday activities to reinforce math skills. Kindergarten math introduces basic addition and teaches comparison, classification, and pattern recognition skills. Bake cookies together and ask your child to help you count as you add the ingredients. Ask simple math questions, such as, “If I already added one cup of flour and I add two more, how many cups of flour will be in the bowl?”

    Success with kindergarten math necessitates the use of concrete items to teach skills, rather than abstract lessons. Ask your child to help you shop for groceries. While at the supermarket, point out some of the similarities and differences between types of fruit and ask your child for his or her own observances. If you purchase multiples of an item, ask your child to help you practice skip counting. These everyday activities help your child understand the relevance of math skills for daily life.

    Practicing Math Skills at Home

  • The Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

    When your child is about four years old, it’s time to enroll him or her in a pre-kindergarten program in Pembroke Pines . Pre-kindergarten introduces children to structured learning activities within a classroom environment. Not only do they learn essential pre-academic skills, pre-k students also grow in emotional and social maturity. If your child has already been attending preschool, then the transition to pre-kindergarten will be a natural and easy one to make. Pre-Kindergarten Allows Children to Learn How to Make Their Own Choices


    For parents of four-year-olds, it’s often difficult to accept that their little ones are developing their own independent identities. In fact, many parents often have a harder time adjusting to separation than their children do. Spending time in a school environment is an important step in every child’s development. Pre-kindergarten allows children to learn how to make their own choices (within reason) and thrive while away from home for a little while.

    Socio-Emotional Maturity

    Enrolling your child in a pre-kindergarten program will allow his or her socio-emotional intelligence to grow by leaps and bounds. All children need the life experiences that come from functioning as part of a small community. Through trial and error, and gentle guidance from the teacher, your child will learn how to interact with others in appropriate ways and how to enjoy group work as well as independent work. Your child will develop critical friendship skills like taking turns and sharing, and important classroom skills like how to capture the teacher’s attention appropriately. Being a member of a classroom community enables your child to practice his or her verbal communication skills with peers and adults.

    Academic Foundation

    Another primary benefit of enrolling your child in a pre-k school is to give him or her a solid foundation for lifelong learning. At this critical stage in a child’s development, he or she truly wants to learn. Your child is curious about the world and how it works, and pre-k nurtures this curiosity to encourage your child to develop a lifelong love of learning. Of course, your child will also learn crucial pre-academic skills that will prepare him or her to excel in kindergarten, first grade, and beyond.

  • Encouraging Kids to Read

    Long before your child is ready for preschool or kindergarten in Pembroke Pines, you can instill a lifelong love of reading in him or her. Reading is a cornerstone of early childhood education , even before your child can recognize the words. Read colorful, engaging picture books with your child and encourage him or her to interact with the story, such as by helping you turn the pages and speculating about what might happen next.

    Watch this featured video to hear some tips from an early childhood education provider. Sujata emphasizes the importance of being a good role model by letting your child see you reading every day. She also discusses some fun games you can play with your child to support letter and word recognition.

  • Selecting a Kindergarten for Your Child

    As more choices become available, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to settle on a school for their children. Are you searching for the ideal kindergarten in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then continue reading for tips on choosing the best one for your child and your family’s needs. Kindergarten Enrollment Programs in Pembroke Pines

    Discover Your Options

    To begin the process of selecting a kindergarten for your child, start by researching what schools are available in your area. Then, look at the websites of any schools that you are interested in, ensure that the information posted there is up to date, and read any unbiased parent reviews that you can find. If possible, talk to friends, family, and neighbors that have children enrolled in kindergarten and ask them for their opinions.

    Consider Your Needs

    The next step in this process is to think about the needs of your family and to identify the schools which best support them. Some examples include the school’s proximity to your home or work, its transportation system and bus schedule, and its enrollment cost. Weighing in these factors can be essential for selecting a kindergarten and school that works for your family long-term.

    Study the Program

    What a school can offer for your child can do a great deal in helping you decide on a kindergarten. Do you want your child exposed to second languages, the arts, or other alternative programs? Also, consider how much emphasis the school puts on physical education and discover if they feature a gymnasium and playgrounds. Finally, study the kindergarten’s curriculum to get an idea of the education to which your child will be exposed.

    Meet the Teachers

    In many cases, meeting your child’s potential educators can be the easiest way to come to a decision about what kindergarten is best for her needs. Considering that your young child will be away from you for long periods, it’s important to choose a program whose teachers you feel comfortable with and are nurturing towards the students. Make an appointment with any school you are interested in to give yourself a chance to meet the principal and kindergarten teachers.