• What Do Children Learn in Pre-K Programs

    Pre-kindergarten , also called pre-k, is an essential period of education and interaction in every child’s life. By attending a qualified pre-k program in Pembroke Pines, children can learn a variety of necessary skills and subjects that will positively influence their future education and social interactions. If you have ever been curious about what children learn in their pre-k programs, speak with a pre-k school near you and continue reading to learn more.

    Love of Learning

    Pre-K for Kids Logo One of the most important learning skills children can learn with pre-k is a love of learning. Pre-kindergarten teachers are trained in making learning exciting. They can show children the adventure found when trying to discover something new. As children experience this excitement and thrill, they are learning skills to help with future reading, math, and history subjects. When children can associate learning with fun and excitement, they are more likely to enjoy learning as they continue through school.

    Teamwork and Independence

    Though the two terms, teamwork and independence, are contradictory, they are both important skills children learn in their pre-kindergarten class. Up until the pre-kindergarten age, usually 4 years old, many children may not have had much interaction with other children. Some children have only relied on their parents to do most chores for them. By attending pre-k, children can learn two valuable skills needed to get through life. They can learn how to play and work well with their peers. They can also learn how to clean up their messes or finish a project by themselves.

    Early Subject Skills

    Many parents enroll their children in a pre-k program because it gives the children a head start in learning necessary subject skills. Children will learn, in fun and engaging ways, about the early concepts of reading, math, and language. They are often exposed to earth science, art, music, and simple history. As children learn these pre-academic skills, they can enter kindergarten and grade school better equipped to learn harder concepts.

  • How Summer Day Camp Helps Kids Build Social Skills

    Enrolling your kids into a summer camp in Pembroke Pines can do more for their development than simply getting them out of the house. Your kids will gain lifelong memories as they engage in various summer camp activities. They will also learn much-needed social skills that will follow them throughout their life.

    They Are Surrounded by Age-Appropriate Peers

    Tanglewood Academy’s Summer Camps in Pembroke Pines During the school year, your kids are surrounded by their peers, but the experience in summer camp is a little different. Kids are having fun and participating in various games with other children every day—an experience they may not regularly receive during the school year. Kids are also exposed to other children around the same age as them, though some might be older or younger. Often, summer camps group children by a grade or age range. Giving your kids exposure to children of different ages can help them learn more social and emotional skills.

    They Engage in Group Activities

    Part of the fun of a kids’ summer camp is being able to engage in activities and games with friends. By playing with old friends and new acquaintances, kids can better learn how to follow rules and interact with peers in an appropriate manner. They also learn how to be on a team and solve problems with each other. These lessons, and many more, all come from group activities that will influence your kids for the rest of their lives.

    They Meet New People

    Some kids may be inherently shy when meeting new people. Whether they are meeting new adults or kids their age, some kids may not know how to start up a conversation or ask for help from someone they do not know. Through various summer activities for kids, summer camp helps kids become more involved with others they may not know. This interaction can help alleviate some of the stress shy or introverted kids might feel when meeting new people.

  • Choose a Great Summer Camp for Your Child

    Summer is just around the corner, which means that your child will soon have days free from his normal school schedule. If you don’t yet know what your child will be doing this summer, it’s not too late to look into summer camps in Pembroke Pines . Talk to your child to find out what sort of camp he might be interested in, and what he’d like to learn over the summer. A great summer camp will make learning fun through activities and educational field trips. Your child may want to attend a camp with his friends, but remind him that summer camp is a great place to meet new and interesting people, too. Check out this infographic to learn more about how to choose a great summer camp for your child this year.

    Child Summer Camp Infographic

  • Building a Nurturing Education Environment for Toddlers

    If you are looking for early childhood education in Pembroke Pines , you may be wondering what to look for in a nurturing toddler learning environment. At this stage of child development, it’s important for toddlers to cultivate warm and positive relationships with adults. Their educational environment should allow them to feel secure and help them to develop a sense of trust.

    When choosing a toddler education center, look for places that promise an attentive staff who will be responsive to all of your child’s needs. Their caregivers should provide an environment where talking, playing, and interacting is a primary focus, and that provides a nurturing atmosphere in which your toddler can grow and learn about the world around him.

    If you want to find a nurturing education environment for your toddler, look for one with highly-qualified and trained staff members. Ask questions to make sure you choose a loving and caring atmosphere where your toddler will be able to learn and flourish.

    Building a Nurturing Education Environment for Toddlers