• Top Tips for Transitioning from Summer Camp to School

    The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. For parents and students, these changes mean the end of summer break and the beginning of a new school year. If your child is enrolled in summer camp in Pembroke Pines , then continue reading for tips on helping her with the transition to school this fall. Transitioning from Summer Camp to School

    Get Back on Schedule

    Even though your child is keeping busy at summer day camp and benefiting from regular mental stimulation, there is a good chance that she, like many other students, is in a summertime mindset that may make it difficult for her to get back into learning mode. One way to help prepare your child for the transition from camp to school is to make a gradual return to a normal schedule. For example, you might get her back on a good bedtime schedule or set aside time for learning that will be replaced with homework once the semester begins.

    Spend Time in Nature

    For kids in summer camp, their break from school means lots of time spent outdoors surrounded by and experiencing nature. To make the transition back to a classroom setting an easier one for your child, think about how you can incorporate outdoor activities into your normal routine. To do this, you could start taking daily walks to the park, arranging weekend day trips to the forest, or helping your child start her own backyard garden.

    Talk About Any Fears

    Some kids are always excited about going back to school. Others, however, face anxiety about entering a new classroom setting. If your child experiences fear about leaving summer camp and beginning a fresh school year, then set aside time to address her worries, and speak with her about the fun experiences she should look forward to and all the friends she can make. Finally, you can even approach this with a role play technique by setting up a classroom at home and arranging learning activities for you and your child to complete together.

  • Try This Nature Craft with Your Young Learner

    Arts activities are a terrific way to help preschool-age kids work on fine motor skills. In this video, you’ll learn an activity that is great for early childhood development and can be done at home with your preschool-age child in Pembroke Pines.

    In this video, you’ll learn how to make a cactus plant using painted rocks. Encourage your child to find rocks of different sizes and then paint them to look like cacti. Like many great preschool activities, this project enhances fine motor skills by having your child work with small instruments, like paintbrushes. It also lets him or her work with colors, sizes, and shapes. In the end, your preschooler will have a project to display in his or her room and will have practiced several important skills.

  • Getting the Facts About Voluntary Pre-K

    Voluntary Pre-K, also known as VPK, is a program children can be enrolled into before they enter kindergarten. Though it is a voluntary program, VPK in Pembroke Pines is an essential addition to children’s education . It helps prepare them for academic life, and it gives them a leg up in making friends. VPK is not all fun and games, though. Here are some facts about Voluntary Pre-K:

    • VPK is typically held for a few hours in the morning. There are additional programs that offer more hours for the parents that work full-time.
    • Children are exposed to the building blocks of various academic subjects. They will learn the alphabet, as well as the sounds of each letter. They will learn numbers 1-100, and the basics of pre-math.
    • VPK is an opportunity for children to learn social skills before entering kindergarten. They will learn good manners, proper behaviors, and how best to act while in school while building their own unique identities.
    • There is a program available during the summer months before kindergarten begins. This program is designed for children who were not initially involved in a VPK program the previous spring.

    Voluntary Pre-K Program in Pembroke Pines