• Getting the Facts About Voluntary Pre-K

    Voluntary Pre-K, also known as VPK, is a program children can be enrolled into before they enter kindergarten. Though it is a voluntary program, VPK in Pembroke Pines is an essential addition to children’s education . It helps prepare them for academic life, and it gives them a leg up in making friends. VPK is not all fun and games, though. Here are some facts about Voluntary Pre-K:

    • VPK is typically held for a few hours in the morning. There are additional programs that offer more hours for the parents that work full-time.
    • Children are exposed to the building blocks of various academic subjects. They will learn the alphabet, as well as the sounds of each letter. They will learn numbers 1-100, and the basics of pre-math.
    • VPK is an opportunity for children to learn social skills before entering kindergarten. They will learn good manners, proper behaviors, and how best to act while in school while building their own unique identities.
    • There is a program available during the summer months before kindergarten begins. This program is designed for children who were not initially involved in a VPK program the previous spring.

    Voluntary Pre-K Program in Pembroke Pines