• Avoiding Sibling Jealousy During Play Dates

    An exciting part of your child starting preschool is that he or she may begin having play dates with friends from school. These play dates are different from the ones that kids have when they are younger, when kids typically end up playing with the kids of their parents’ friends. Preschool play dates are instigated […]

  • Helping Kids Make the Transition to Full-Day School

    At some point during early childhood education, children must make the transition from part-time programs to full-day school. As a parent, it’s natural to have some concerns about making this change and how to support your child through it. If your child is about to make the switch to a full-day early education school in […]

  • Spotlight on Our APPLE Accreditation

    When you are exploring options for early childhood education programs for your child, school accreditations are important factors to consider. At Tanglewood Academy, we’re pleased to have passed the stringent requirements necessary to receive an APPLE accreditation from the Florida Association for Child Care Management, demonstrating our commitment to early education excellence in Pembroke Pines. […]

  • Examining the Differences Between Gross and Fine Motor Skills

    https://youtu.be/l93btyyhg0c Part of early childhood education is the development of both gross and fine motor skills. If your early education program in Pembroke Pines discusses your child’s development of these skills with you, it can be easy to get the mixed up. This video explains the differences. Gross motor skills refer to using large groups […]

  • What to Look for in a New Backpack

    https://youtu.be/ikdgtykr7qq Success in early childhood education begins with the right tools. Before your child heads off to preschool or kindergarten in Pembroke Pines, take him or her shopping for a new backpack. Very young learners won’t need to carry much, but having their own backpack can foster a sense of ownership regarding their education. For […]

  • Helping Your Fifth-Grader Tackle Research Reports

    Although it’s common to introduce students to the idea of writing research reports in third or fourth grade, fifth grade is usually the year when students are asked to produce a three-or four-page paper that is well-researched and coherently organized. It’s tough for parents to walk the line between offering homework help and making sure […]

  • How Your Preschooler Will Display Independence

    Most parents love to do as much as they can for their kids, but it’s also important for children to learn how to do things for themselves. When your child reaches preschool age, he or she will start taking steps toward independence. Your child’s preschool teacher in Pembroke Pines will support these tendencies by encouraging […]

  • Fun Ideas for Improving Language Comprehension

    Children begin working on their language skills as soon as they’re born. By the time they reach pre-kindergarten age, at about four years of age, children are getting ready to learn how to read. At this stage, pre-k teachers in Pembroke Pines focus on improving their students’ verbal language comprehension, which is crucial for early […]

  • Childhood Education in Pembroke Pines

    Is Your Child Gifted?

    It’s not uncommon for individuals to have questions about what is or isn’t normal for a child. After all, many parents want to do what they can to ensure that their child grows up happy, healthy, and well-rounded. In particular, some common questions that parents have when it comes to their child regard what behaviors […]

  • Enrichment Activities for Kids During Winter Break

    https://youtu.be/cqyw9cjef6c Is your child attending preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, or first grade in Pembroke Pines , and do you want to keep her mind active while she is out of school for the holidays? If so, then watch this video for some enrichment activity ideas for your child to engage in over winter break. As a […]