Helping Kids Make the Transition to Full-Day School

Smiling Young Girl on the first day at school

At some point during early childhood education, children must make the transition from part-time programs to full-day school. As a parent, it’s natural to have some concerns about making this change and how to support your child through it. If your child is about to make the switch to a full-day early education school in Pembroke Pines , here are some things you can do to make the process easier.

Develop a Morning Routine Helping Kids Make The Transition To Full-Day School

Having a stressful morning sets kids up for a stressful day. Having a morning routine will help you prevent this. Do what you have to do to make sure that your child has plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast in the morning without feeling rushed, such as setting out clothing the night before. Make sure your child knows what to do when he or she wakes up, and stick to the same plan every day to get things off to a smooth, peaceful start.

Give Your Child a Reminder of Home

One of the biggest adjustments kids have when they start a full-day early childhood education program is that they are away from parents for an extended period time. Having a little piece of home with them can help. Consider taping a family picture inside your child’s lunchbox or letting him or her bring a favorite stuffed animal from home for naptime, if the school allows it. These things will help your child feel connect to you even when school lasts all day.

Stay Patient During the Process

It’s normal for young children to need time to fully make the adjustment to full-day school. Be patient and supportive, and don’t try to rush your child. When you’re anxious, your child will be on edge as well. Stick to the schedule and give your child plenty of time to adjust. He or she will eventually fall into the routine and happily head off for a day at school.