• How Your Preschooler Will Display Independence

    Most parents love to do as much as they can for their kids, but it’s also important for children to learn how to do things for themselves. When your child reaches preschool age, he or she will start taking steps toward independence. Your child’s preschool teacher in Pembroke Pines will support these tendencies by encouraging him or her to use language to express needs and wants , rather than resorting to temper tantrums.

    Some preschoolers display their independence by saying the word “No!” frequently. This can get frustrating, and it’s a problem that is best dealt with proactively. Instead of making open-ended statements, like “Let’s get ready for bedtime,” try giving your child a choice of two options. This lets your child feel in control of the situation, and it reduces the use of the word “No.” For example, you could say, “We can read the turtle book or the magical fairy book before bedtime. Which one do you want?”

    Child in Tanglewood Academy Preschool

  • Motor Skill Milestones in Pre-K

    Kids in pre-K go through an amazing number of transitions that always amaze parents. In particular, kids in this age group reach a number of important milestones with their motor skills. If your child is enrolled in pre-K in Pembroke Pines, keep an eye out for these exciting developmental changes.

    Both gross and fine motor skills take a leap in pre-K. In terms of gross motor skills, kids learn to control their running more precisely, including stopping and turning more gracefully. Kids at this age learn to hop on one foot, do somersaults, and bounce, catch, and throw a ball. Parents are also thrilled to discover that their kids can now brush their teeth, comb their hair, and dress themselves without help. Fine motor skill development in pre-K includes learning to print letters, cutting on a line, and using utensils appropriately. Copying shapes, like crosses and squares, also becomes easy.

    Motor Skills in Pre-K by Tanglewood Academy

  • Why Preschool Matters

    Some parents may not understand the need for their child to attend preschool. When your child attends preschool near Pembroke Pines, however, she has that extra year or two of academic education to help her prepare for kindergarten . Here are a few of the ways that preschool will help your child succeed.

    Educational Child Care

    Preschool is still a form of day care, but with an educational element. You know that your child is being well cared for, yet she is doing more than playing around with a babysitter. In preschool, your child will engage in fun activities that teach her about her world and academic subjects. In many day cares, which accept babies to elementary-age children, your child may only play on the playground, color, or make crafts, but may gain little education.

    Supervised Socialization

    Tanglewood Academy Increase Child Socialization Skills Early learning centers have classes created for specific age groups. This separation allows children to learn and play with other children around their own age. This will increase their socialization skills, and it will help them gain friends that could potentially follow them throughout their academic life. Also, when children interact with others their own age, they can pick up on appropriate social cues, rules, and habits they may not pick up if they are around children of multiple ages.

    Fun Learning

    When children reach preschool age, they are usually very curious about the world around them, how it functions, and fun ways to engage with it. Preschool teachers are trained in early childhood education and know the fun ways to answer your child’s questions. These dedicated teachers are experts in giving your child the tools she needs to learn basic academic subjects, like math and reading, as well as more complex concepts, such as critical thinking, art, and science. Preschool teachers can help your child learn all of these concepts in a fun and appealing manner that will have her coming home bursting to tell you everything she learned.

  • The Importance of Preschool Curriculum

    Preschool is an important element in kids’ learning near Pembroke Pines . It encourages socialization, fine motor skills, and the basics of academic education needed for children to succeed later in life.

    As you can see in this short video, when children attend preschool, they have more opportunities for interaction with other children, as well as tools that they may not experience at home. Structured early childhood development helps children to learn more about the world around them from their peers and their teachers. This time, dedicated to an engaging kind of learning, is essential to children as they continue through life and school.

  • What to Expect from a Preschool Curriculum

    If you’ve got young children, you’re probably searching for a good preschool near Pembroke Pines. Attending preschool is important for development, as it teaches children valuable skills that they will use in kindergarten and throughout their education. Early learning sets the foundation for how your child will develop as a student and as a person. Watch this video to learn more about what to expect from a preschool curriculum.

    In preschool, kids learn social skills such as how to converse with others, and gain experience in everyday social interactions. Preschool teaches kids how to follow a routine and work as part of a group. Children learn about letters, numbers, and shapes as well as how to write basic words and their names.

  • Choosing the Right Preschool Programs

    Before your child begins kindergarten near Pembroke Pines, he should attend preschool at an early childhood education center near you . The majority of early childhood development occurs before the age of five, and a preschool program can encourage and facilitate your child’s cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development. Your child will be better prepared for kindergarten and his future academic career if he attends a preschool program at an early childhood development center.

    Watch this video for some great tips on choosing the right preschool program for your child. Jennifer Kaywork, Ed.D., the professor of teacher education at Dominican College, discusses the importance of an early childhood education.

  • Try This Holiday Art Project with Your Preschooler

    Arts and crafts projects play an important role in early childhood development. Not only do they inspire creativity, but they also help develop fine motor skills and even pre-math skills. If your little one is in preschool or kinder care near Pembroke Pines, you can watch this video to see a demonstration of a holiday art project.

    This child care expert demonstrates how she has her kids create a holiday tree out of construction paper, sequins, and glue. Red construction paper serves as a festive background for the tree. This day care expert provides kids with six strips of green paper of varying sizes. The preschool-aged kids work on their pre-math skills by placing the strips in order from largest to smallest. Then, they can glue them in place to create a holiday tree, which they can decorate with glued-on sequins.