• Spotlight on Social and Emotional Development in Pre-K Students

    Your rising pre-kindergartener will make some important strides this upcoming school year. Pre-kindergarten programs in Pembroke Pines lay a foundation for both academic success and socio-emotional growth. No two kids progress at the same rate, but in general, you can expect your four-or five-year-old pre-k student to exhibit greater independence in social situations. At the same time, your child may want to please his or her friends and fit in with them.

    Pre-k students usually separate more easily from parents, as they grow closer to their teachers and other trusted adults. They may also take the initiative in social situations, such as by suggesting a fun activity, engaging in complex pretend play, and offering to share with a friend. As your child acquires greater mastery with academic skills and self-care abilities, his or her self-esteem will flourish. You’ll start to notice your child using more complex language to express feelings. Although your child will develop better coping skills, he or she will still seek adult guidance when emotions become overwhelming.

    Pre-Kindergarten Programs in Pembroke Pines

  • Helping Your Child with First Grade Math

    • There are many ways to help your child learn and develop his first-grade math skills . Learning first-grade math in Pembroke Pines does not have to center around daily homework. You can engage your child in learning and expanding his math skills whenever you bake a dessert or plan out your schedule for the month. Here are a few easy ways to help your child develop his first-grade math skills:
    • Use opportunities from your daily life to encourage math understanding. Let your child help you measure out the ingredients to a recipe. Have him count and sort the different fruits and vegetables you bring home from the grocery store.
    • Explore a nearby orchard or plant a produce garden. Your child can count out produce he collects. Collect produce as well, and ask your child who has more or less produce than the other.
    • Read daily schedules and weather charts together. These daily numerical pieces of information will help your child develop a better understanding of all types of numbers he will see in first grade.

    Helping Your Child With First Grade Math

  • Packing Tips for Summer Day Camp

    Summer camp offers kids a great way to enjoy the season while staying active, engaged, and surrounded by friends. Is your child enrolled in summer day camp in Pembroke Pines ? If so, then watch this video for tips on what to pack.

    First, consider using a rolling cooler for easy traveling to and from summer camp and the car, as well as keeping your child’s snacks and lunch cool throughout the day. You may also want to pack wet wipes, a bathing suit, an extra set of clothing, a towel, bug spray, sunscreen, water, napkins, and utensils when sending your child to summer day camp.

  • How Your Kids Can Benefit from Summer Day Camp

    If you have been on the fence about enrolling your kids into a summer camp near Pembroke Pines , then it is time to call your local kids’ camp. Your children will benefit immensely from attending a summer camp, which can provide a safe space for summer fun and learning to ensure a great start in the coming school year.

    Keep Their Minds Stimulated

    Tanglewood Academy Offer Summer Camp for Kids Parents always wonder why their children may not do so well in the first few weeks of school, but their teachers know very well why. Over the summer, children typically stay indoors, playing on their computers or watching television. Their minds are not being stimulated by classwork, science experiments, and lively book discussions. Summer day camps can provide a multitude of stimulating activities for the brain. Arts and crafts, as well as mathematical games and science experiments, can all be found in a summer camp. Your kids can go back to school in the fall with a curious mind that is ready for learning.

    Keep Their Bodies Moving

    Don’t let your children sit in the house all day and night during the summer. Get them outside so they can run around and play games at summer camp. Kids’ bodies are just as important as their minds, and engaging in physical activities at day camp is essential to keeping active. Many camps take field trips to the neighborhood pools, parks, and sports games. Kids can learn how to play new sports and fun activities to sustain a healthier lifestyle for the summer.

    Keep Their Social Skills Active

    With summer camp, your children will be surrounded by their peers throughout the entire program. If the program is held through their school, then they will probably be with their own friends from the previous school year. They can maintain friendships and build new ones through their summer day camp. This social interaction will help them as they go into the next grade and continue to build social skills with their peers.