Helping Your Child with First Grade Math

  • There are many ways to help your child learn and develop his first-grade math skills . Learning first-grade math in Pembroke Pines does not have to center around daily homework. You can engage your child in learning and expanding his math skills whenever you bake a dessert or plan out your schedule for the month. Here are a few easy ways to help your child develop his first-grade math skills:
  • Use opportunities from your daily life to encourage math understanding. Let your child help you measure out the ingredients to a recipe. Have him count and sort the different fruits and vegetables you bring home from the grocery store.
  • Explore a nearby orchard or plant a produce garden. Your child can count out produce he collects. Collect produce as well, and ask your child who has more or less produce than the other.
  • Read daily schedules and weather charts together. These daily numerical pieces of information will help your child develop a better understanding of all types of numbers he will see in first grade.

Help Your Child Learn and Develop His First-Grade Math Skills

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