How Your Preschooler Will Display Independence

How Your Preschooler Will Display Independence

Most parents love to do as much as they can for their kids, but it’s also important for children to learn how to do things for themselves. When your child reaches preschool age, he or she will start taking steps toward independence. Your child’s preschool teacher in Pembroke Pines will support these tendencies by encouraging him or her to use language to express needs and wants , rather than resorting to temper tantrums.

Some preschoolers display their independence by saying the word “No!” frequently. This can get frustrating, and it’s a problem that is best dealt with proactively. Instead of making open-ended statements, like “Let’s get ready for bedtime,” try giving your child a choice of two options. This lets your child feel in control of the situation, and it reduces the use of the word “No.” For example, you could say, “We can read the turtle book or the magical fairy book before bedtime. Which one do you want?”

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