Planning for Pre-K: What Parents Need to Know

Pre-Kindergarten Painting Program

If you’re a parent hoping to give your child a jumpstart in kindergarten by enhancing her pre-math, pre-reading, social, and language skills, pre-kindergarten programs in Pembroke Pines are an excellent option. If you’re planning to enroll your child in a pre-kindergarten program, there are a few good things to know to plan for pre-k.

Find the right program.

Pre-Kindergarten Painting Program Before choosing a pre-k program, there are a few essential features to look for during your search. Ask the school if you can schedule an appointment. This will give you a chance to speak with the teachers, ask questions, and see classes in progress. Look for classrooms where children are safe, active, and not wandering off by themselves. Your child should be in an environment where she is happy and not bored or distressed. Select a program where class sizes do not exceed 20 children, and that have at least 1 teacher for every 10 children. If your child is uncomfortable in larger groups, look for programs offering smaller classes of about 10 students.

Find the right teachers.

The staff should be caring, sensitive, and responsive to the needs and requests of the children. Ask about the program’s curriculum, and find out how it promotes language, social, physical-motor, and cognition development for the students. The pre-k program’s teachers should hold 4-year college degrees and have specialized training in child development and early childhood education. Assistant teachers should have some training or college course work in child development or a discipline related to pre-kindergarten.

Prepare your child.

Before heading to pre-k, ready your child with a few skills that will help her flourish at her new program. At this age, children should be able to dress themselves. Take the time to teach your child how to tie her shoes, button a shirt, dress herself in a jacket and mittens, and put on her backpack. To prepare her for learning to write in school, teach her how to properly grip a pencil and show her how to draw circles, half circles, and straight lines.