What to Expect When Your Child Enters Preschool

What to Expect When Your Child Enters Preschool

Preschool offers much more than day care for your child. Early childhood education prepares children for a lifetime of learning. It’s an exciting period of development during which your child will improve his or her motor skills, acquire pre-literacy and pre-math skills, and learn how to interact appropriately with other children. It can be helpful for parents and children alike to learn more about what to expect for the first day of preschool near Pembroke Pines.

What to Expect When Your Child Enters Preschool Getting Ready for the First Day

Children can easily sense the moods of their parents. When discussing preschool with your child, use positive language and an upbeat tone of voice. Read books together about starting preschool and discuss what schedule your child might follow at the early learning center. For example, talk about circle or group time, story time, outdoor play, group activities, and snack time. Help your child adjust to a new sleep and wake schedule, if need be, by gradually changing bedtimes and wake-up times a couple of weeks before the first day.

Easing the Transition

It’s perfectly normal for children to be a little nervous on the first day of school. You can comfort your child by letting him or her take along a favorite object such as a stuffed animal. When you arrive at the preschool with your child, you can take a few minutes to get him or her settled in. Point out interesting things in the classroom and meet new classmates with your child. After a few minutes, give your child a hug and say goodbye. It’s usually best not to have long goodbyes; however, avoid sneaking out when your child isn’t looking. You may be surprised at how quickly your child will adjust to the classroom once you’ve left.

Supporting Your Child’s Development

Your child will learn so much in preschool, but it’s still important to support his or her development at home. Read books together every day. Ask your child to point out colors or shapes. Support letter recognition skills by giving your child a set of child-safe magnetic letters to play with. Remember to keep in touch with your child’s preschool teacher to be advised of your little one’s progress.