The Qualities of a Great Preschool Teacher

The Qualities of a Great Preschool Teacher

Even as an adult, there are probably still teachers who you remember from your childhood because they were especially great at their job. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child’s teachers are just as memorable. If you have a child who is getting ready to attend preschool near Pembroke Pines, be sure that you enroll him or her at a school with great teachers who will leave a positive impression for years to come. Keep reading for a description of what makes a great preschool teacher.

Good Communicator

The Qualities of a Great Preschool Teacher A preschool teacher needs to have terrific communication skills. On one level, your child’s teacher must be able to effectively communicate with the kids in his or her class. This means explaining concepts in a way that kids can understand and relate to, without adopting a patronizing or babying tone. On another level, a preschool teacher must be able to communicate with other adults. Part of his or her job is to keep parents and colleagues informed about what goes on in the classroom.

Patient Leader

Patience is key in a preschool classroom. It can be difficult to maintain your composure, let alone enable kids’ learning, with a dozen or more rambunctious children playing, laughing, crying, and creating chaos. However, a great preschool teacher knows how to be the calm in the midst of the storm. A teacher who excels at his or her job knows just how much excitement is beneficial to learning, as well as where to draw the line. Teachers who are patient are not only level-headed when it comes to discipline, but are the best at presenting new concepts in a fashion that gently encourages learning.

Creative and Enthusiastic Instructor

Creativity enables preschool teachers to formulate flexible lesson plans that address each child’s individual needs. A creative approach to learning teaches kids important skills like problem-solving and reasoning. Enthusiasm for teaching and working with kids is also a key quality of great teachers. It is true that enthusiasm is contagious; a teacher with a great attitude will motivate and inspire his or her pupils.