Helping Your Child Prepare for Summer Day Camp 

Summer Camp by Tanglewood Academy

Summer camp in Pembroke Pines is a great way to ensure that your child has access to enrichment opportunities , supervised playtime, and other fun summer activities for kids. If this will be your child’s first experience at summer camp, it’s important to understand that he or she may feel a little nervous. You can help your child embrace the summer camp experience by letting him or her know what to expect. Contact the summer camp staff to inquire about activities or field trips that may be planned for your child’s particular program. Then, discuss these activities with your child and emphasize how much fun he or she will have.

Day camps do not require the extensive packing that overnight camps do; however, your child may need to bring snacks and a few personal items. The evening before camp, you can guide your child in choosing an outfit and getting together personal items to take. When you drop off your child at the camp, remind him or her of the time that you’ll be back.

Summer Camp by Tanglewood Academy

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