What Students Learn in First Grade

What Students Learn In First Grade

First graders learn by leaps and bounds. In first grade in Pembroke Pines, children develop a solid academic foundation in subjects like American history, geography, mathematics, and language arts. First graders are also encouraged to embrace their creativity through art. They develop an understanding of what it means to be part of a community outside of the home and they explore the importance of embracing social and ethnic differences.

Of course, every first grader learns at his or her own pace. However, most of them can read about 150 sight words, spell many words of up to three or four letters, and write full sentences. In math, first graders learn comparison skills and they can count up to 100. Most of them will also be able to add and subtract whole numbers and know how to tell time to the nearest half hour. Across all subject areas, first grade is generally the time in which children begin to grasp abstract concepts.

What Students Learn In First Grade

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