Cognitive Development: Age 3

It is a fun and interesting time when children pass their toddler years and turn three years old. At this age, children are learning more about the world around them, and their preschool activities are filled with make-believe games and sensory-based learning. Here is a better look at the cognitive development of three-year-old children and how their preschool near Pembroke Pines can foster their growth:

As shown in the video, three-year-old children are exploring their world and learning through their different senses. They love to touch objects—such as puzzles and blocks in their learning center—and they enjoy playing make-believe games. This preschool age is the perfect time to encourage children to dress up and use their imagination. Three-year-old children are also learning different concepts, such as those related to time. Foster this understanding by setting a timer to signify the beginning or end of activities.