Blog Posts in November, 2017

Your Child's Curiosity-Driven Education

From “Why is the sky blue?” to “How do black holes work?” your child’s curiosity over the years will drive his or her education. Humans are innately curious, and ...
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Help Your Child Create an Illustrated Book

Early education activities are often fun for adults as well as children, as they are typically hands-on, creative exercises. At this young age, children learn best by manipulating physical objects and ...
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See How One Classroom Learns About Empathy See How One Classroom Learns About Empathy Your child’s education is a priceless investment in his or her future. Kindergarten schools in Pembroke Pines can help ...
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Here's Why Fingerplays Benefit Preschoolers

Sometimes, low-tech solutions are best when it comes to activities for preschoolers. Long before young children attended learning centers and worked their way through a preschool curriculum, mothers ...
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