Blog Posts in May, 2017

Helping Your Child with First Grade Math

There are many ways to help your child learn and develop his first-grade math skills. Learning first-grade math in Pembroke Pines does not have to center around daily homework. You can engage your ...
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Answering Common Questions About Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Pre-kindergarten programs are offered to children in the year before they enter kindergarten. Children will be around four years old, which is when they are beginning to develop a better understanding ...
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Getting Kids Ready for Summer Day Camp: Tips for Parents

School will be out soon, and summer camp will begin shortly after. This can be an exciting time for your child, because he can stay busy during the summer and engage in fun summer camp activities like ...
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Cognitive Development: Age 3

It is a fun and interesting time when children pass their toddler years and turn three years old. At this age, children are learning more about the world around them, and their preschool activities ...
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